Dates & Rates: 

Hebrew School for your child in Kindergarten

Kindergarten continues in offering our students more time to become acquainted with various Hebrew skills. We also enjoy a multitude of activities as we learn about who we are as Jews and the reasons behind many customs and traditions. All learning is done through engaging stories, song, art, baking and games.

Fee: Free of charge 

Hebrew School Grade 1:

Sundays, September through May – 10am-12pm

First Taste is designed to capture our young student’s attention laying the foundation for Jewish values and Hebrew skills through engaging stories, song, art and games.

Fee: $625 per School Year 

Hebrew School Grades 2-5:

Sundays, September through May – 10am-12pm

Hebrew School offers a wholesome program where students connect with their heritage and develop their Hebrew reading and language skills.

Fee: $985 per School Year

Jewish Enrichment Program Grades 6 & 7:

Sundays, September through May – 10am-12pm

Hands on Judaism explores all things Jewish with a hands on experience. This class will enjoy guest speakers and outings where they will be given the real experience on a variety of different topics in Judaism. HOJ will allow for frank and open discussion about real life issues cultivating a positive life outlook in this transitional time in your child’s life.

Fee: $985 per School Year

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Tutoring

Once your child is set with a Bar Mitzvah date, your child will study with a tutor to prepare your child for their special day. Emphasis will be placed on the meaning of this transition and the unique Mitzvot that surround the day and this new period of life.

Please note that no child will be turned away due to lack of funds. 
Please contact Devorah at the office on (845) 368-1889 or email [email protected] to discuss any financial considerations.