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About Us

JLS logo.jpgThe Rockland Jewish Legal Society is a non-profit organization that provides legal events, CLE programs, Judicial receptions and other community programs.

The Rockland Jewish Legal Society provides the most innovative & entertaining programs on a wide range of topics while comparing American and Talmudic Law.

The Talmudic legal system has a 3,300 year old history which remains vibrant and still applicable to the latest cultural, economic, and technological trends. There are many areas of potential cross pollination that have heretofore been unavailable or inaccessible to the contemporary legal community.

The Rockland Jewish Legal Society seeks to promote ethical and moral values for all of humanity and strengthen Jewish Identity through the teachings of the Talmud.

The Rockland Jewish Legal Society is an affiliate of Chabad of Suffern and Chabad JEC.

About JLI
JLI is a revolutionary concept in adult education. An unprecedented presentation of traditional Judaism in a highly professional, innovative, academically rigorous yet accessible format.
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